A Room With a View


I had to do some travel for a film project, and I decided to take the train. On this trip, I wanted to get some quality writing time with my new screenplay, so I booked a sleeper car. Trains have long been one of my favorite ways to travel, and this trip was no exception. My room and a couch, desk and armchair, a bunk bed and a bathroom with a shower.

I could have stayed there a week. It was the perfect spot to get away while going somewhere.


A Little Cafe

Deep in the jungles of Honduras, I was delighted to enjoy a cup of coffee in a small cafe.  A woman there prepared coffee just as her mother did, and her grandmother before.  This was coffee making in its most basic form, and the results were near perfection.  While she might not remember this moment, I do, and it remains one of my most memorable cups of coffee.

Random acts of Terraforming

bolivia 2012-11-24 0071_1.jpg

We were driving south, in the Bolivian Altiplano, when we came across a rather curious sight.  The region was dominated by volcanoes and salt flats, but what we saw stood out.

The local farmers took a little extraplanetary help, and were using a major impact crater as a farm basin.  As it turns out, the impact of a meteor does a nice job of transforming the volcanic rock into a more manageable soil.  Life in Bolivia is tough, so a little help from above is surely welcome.

GPS digits:   19°28’00.3%22S    67°25’37.0%22W


One day in the Congo…

I met some musicians one night in Goma.  We were chatting and having drinks, when they asked if I would shoot a music video.  Shooting a music video in the Congo?  Of course I was in.  The next day, we went to an old mansion on the shores of Lake Kivu.  It was abandoned because volcanic fissures under the property had a tendency to kill people.  But it was a breezy day and we figured it would be fine.  We shot for a few hours, paid off the drunken guard who wanted to detain us, and ended up with some nice footage.


GPS digits:   1°40’11.3″S 29°11’33.1″E

The Little Cafes Along the Way


I was walking through the streets of the Zócalo in Mexico City, when I came across this little cafe serving breakfast.  They had some sort of chicken dish served over nachos, and I can tell you, it was a great choice.  I make it a point to stop in the little cafes I find along the way, they tend to have interesting people and the best food.

GPS Digits:  19°26’09.2″N 99°08’20.3″W

Life in the Shadows of a Giant


The active volcano, Mount Nyiragongo, serves as a backdrop to one of the many refugee camps in eastern Congo.  Here countless families struggle to maintain life after they fled or were forced from their homes.  This reality is almost un-imaginable to most westerners, yet is an all too common occurrence in Congo.