60 Seconds of Congo

For the past two years, I’ve been traveling to Congo to work with my brother on the film “This is Congo”. We traveled and filmed in places most Westerners would never go. And with good reason, it is a dangerous place to travel and very difficult place to work.

I expected we’d find conflict and suffering, which we did. The people have been beaten down by war and unpredictable atrocities for generations, yet life goes on. And while it is easy to focus on the war, this is also a place of resilient people and extreme beauty. Strong contrasts exist in DR Congo, I hope people will take the time to explore the many aspects of this amazing country.

This is a montage of my footage from the past two years of work in DR Congo. The film is now in being edited in New York and we hope to be festival ready by the fall/winter.


2 thoughts on “60 Seconds of Congo

  1. I hope there will be online version available to those who live outside of the US (e.g. UK). Look forward to seeing your perspective on my beloved country


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