A Steel Horse at Midnight

congo 2013-03-29 0205It was the middle of the night when we rode into town.  Our bodies and our motorcycles beaten from the grueling ride.  After finding our lodging, we made a fire and warmed up.

I felt like we were in a scene straight out of a western movie, yet we in the heart of Equatorial Africa.  It was truly a surreal and memorable night.

Location:  Sud Kivu, Congo (DRC)


2 thoughts on “A Steel Horse at Midnight

  1. At first blush, I see tracer rounds executing a well planned night attack…then my eyes adjust to see a supportive right leg and the small resemblance of a brake light. Makes me want to sign up for an ‘iron butt’ excursion and man up!! Can’t help but notice the shadow of the grim reaper to the right as well (minus the infamous sickle).


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