Random acts of Terraforming

bolivia 2012-11-24 0071_1.jpg

We were driving south, in the Bolivian Altiplano, when we came across a rather curious sight.  The region was dominated by volcanoes and salt flats, but what we saw stood out.

The local farmers took a little extraplanetary help, and were using a major impact crater as a farm basin.  As it turns out, the impact of a meteor does a nice job of transforming the volcanic rock into a more manageable soil.  Life in Bolivia is tough, so a little help from above is surely welcome.

GPS digits:   19°28’00.3%22S    67°25’37.0%22W



One thought on “Random acts of Terraforming

  1. Pretty cool! The crater looks a lot like a sun symbol with the rows of plants acting like sun rays or sun beams extending outward. The attractiveness of this picture reflects how beautiful nature is while also representing good fortune! Nice job! ~Hollie

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