Life in the Shadows of a Giant


The active volcano, Mount Nyiragongo, serves as a backdrop to one of the many refugee camps in eastern Congo.  Here countless families struggle to maintain life after they fled or were forced from their homes.  This reality is almost un-imaginable to most westerners, yet is an all too common occurrence in Congo.


Trust Your Instincts and Think Later

congo 2012-02-01 mm 0003

So when we returned the truck, and our fixer said, “That was not a good idea”.   But my only thought was, “Obviously, we need to walk over to the elephants”.  So we did, and we spent a nice moment observing each other, and then went our separate ways.

For what ever reason, the elephants seemed to tolerate our presence just fine.  And lucky for me, because it was a great moment.   Sometimes, well most of the times, I think it’s good to trust our instincts.

Location: Democratic Republic of Congo