A Steel Horse at Midnight

congo 2013-03-29 0205It was the middle of the night when we rode into town.  Our bodies and our motorcycles beaten from the grueling ride.  After finding our lodging, we made a fire and warmed up.

I felt like we were in a scene straight out of a western movie, yet we in the heart of Equatorial Africa.  It was truly a surreal and memorable night.

Location:  Sud Kivu, Congo (DRC)


Just a Moment

PerspectiveMoments like this happen every day, everywhere.  It is completely ordinary, completely typical.  Yet if we look at this moment in a different manner, from a different view point, it becomes something special.

Photography, just as life, is all about perspective.

Girls on the Lagoon

Puerto Lempira, Honduras

I rented a room in Puerto Lempira, on the edge of the Caratascar lagoon in far Eastern Honduras.  I spent the day wandering around town, having drinks, and doing some writing.

While sitting in a cafe, I noticed a group of young girls playing in the water.  Like kids the world over, they didn’t seem bothered by the what-ifs, wants, or regrets that seem burden adults.  And they certainly didn’t care that the town has been embroiled in a, decades old, drug war.

Instead, the girls were living for the moment.  A skill many adults have lost along the way.  It’s refreshing really, and it’s a lesson I try to remember when life’s “realities” start creeping in.

Baby in a Brothel

DRC 2011-06-27 mm 0007

I was in a brothel in Eastern Congo.  One of the prostitutes came to me and asked if I wanted to hold her daughter.  I spent a few minutes with this beautiful girl, the daughter of some random man.   She sat there looking at me, full of joy and wonder.  Like all babies, she knew nothing of the circumstances of her life, or what life could be or should be.

It reminds me of the harsh realities of life.  We all live together in this world but life does not pay us all the same blessings.

Morning Coffee

I was watching the steam coming from my coffee, and it made me think about something interesting. This light escaped the fiery surface of the sun, traveled 90 million miles in 8 minutes, then perfectly slipped through my window just to play with the steam from my coffee.

Just a simple cup of coffee? No, more like a moment of perfect timing, I think today will be a good day.